What will your day look like in San Diego??

Girl Relaxing


Mornings will consist of

  • Breakfast 

    • We focus a lot on nutrition.  What better way to start your day than with a healthy, well balanced meal

  • Planning

    • Lets set up what your day will look like?  What are the goals and expectations you want to set for yourself?​

  • Meditation

    • The morning is a great opportunity to practice breathing and enter the day with a clear mind.​

  • Resume building/interviews/job searching.

    • A major focus of Atlas Life is preparing you for the work force.  It is essential that you have a professional resume as you get started navigating this next chapter of your life. ​


Afternoons will be

  • Surf

  • Yoga

  • Rock climb

  • Hike

  • Cycle

  • Museums

  • Explore etc.

This is when we can really discover new passions!  We want you to try and discover as many healthy activities as possible, finding things you can personally connect with.  Have fun exploring!

Friends & Pizza


Evenings are

  • Self reflection

    • We will look back on your day.  What are some things that you want to repeat and what are some areas of change?​

  • Plan ahead for upcoming day

    • What exciting things does tomorrow bring?​

  • Gym

    • Exercise and physical health are essential when creating a new healthier and more positive lifestyle.​

  • Learning new food creations/cooking classes.

    • Experiment in the kitchen!  What are some different culinary creations we can cook and enjoy?​


The weekends will also be more:

  • Recreation

    • We recognize the importance of self care.  What does that look like for you?​

  • Volunteer (I love a clean San Diego)

    • It is important to give back.  This is essential to being a part of a community.​

  • Expanding social community

    • What is happening in San Diego?  What are some ways that you can connect with the people around you?  ​

Beach Cleanup
Image by Joydeep Pal

Some colleges include

San Diego State University 

(La Mesa)

- 7 minute drive/trolley ride from Vora Mission Valley Apartments.

- Main areas of study include:

  • Business administration

  • Psychology

  • Health and fitness

  • Criminal justice

University of California

San Diego (La Jolla)

- 20 minute drive/35-45 minute trolley/bus.

- Main areas of study include:

  • International & global studies

  • Oceanography

  • Cognitive science

  • Bio chemistry

  • Computer science

University of San Diego

 (Linda Vista, private)

- 10 minute drive/15-25 minute trolley/bus.
- Main area of study include:

  • Law

  • Finance

  • Biology

  • Neuroscience

  • Communication

  • Business administration

Point Loma Nazarene University 

(Point Loma)

- 25 minute drive/40-50 minute trolley/bus.
- Main areas of study include:

  • Nursing

  • Child development

  • Teaching

  •  Biological sciences

  • Office management

Community College and General Education

- Mesa community college (Clairemont Mesa)
15 minute drive/30 minute bus.
- Grossmont college (El Cajon)
15 minute drive/30 minute trolley/bus.
- City college (Downtown San Diego)
15 minute drive/40 minute bus